Why Impact Hub in Turin?

The interest in opening Impact Hub in Turin has been existing since many years but only towards the end of 2013 the initiative was, for the first time, carried out with strong commitment generating excitement around the idea and collecting a solid group of friends and colleagues determined to collaborate.

During our work we have received several times the question like: “why an Impact Hub for social entrepreneurship in Turin should work?” And we will promptly we replied “why not!” following our answer with more information to show that there is already a sparkling basis and a community of people and institutions involved and active in the field, who are working hard, always looking for new allies, new inspiration and curious to every aspect of the world.

Turin and Piedmont in history have always had an entrepreneurial and institutional restless and dynamic structure. The ability to continually innovate and improve allowed for example many innovative initiatives (think of Slow Food, Libera or Olivetti back in the past years) to find a good base for the setting up of operations and research.

Turin is currently the third largest city in Italy for number of innovative startups, the Incubator of the Polytechnic is the first incubator in Italy, fifth in Europe and 15th in the world according to the University Incubator Index. These data confirm the positive growth contingent on the business world and show an optimal environment in which we believe that Impact Hub can make a contribution to the development of social entrepreneurship.