Looking for a space to impact!

Just an update from the Impact Hub team,

We are currently looking for a physical space where we can settle our Impact Hub in Turin.

Currently Alessandro Stroffolino together with Edoardo Rosa and a team of supporters are actively looking different buildings in several areas of Turin to identify the best location to open up in the coming months.

It is a challenging activity since we all know that the space is an important factor to boost and stimulate the community to meet up and create together. We are asking ourself questions as “will 400sqm be enought for the beginning? What about 800?”…”Should we have a corner with a small kitchen? Why not a fully equipped kitchen where everyone can enjoy a coffee together meanwhile working?”.

Draft design Impact Hub Brussels

Of course the Impact Hub Network has some clear guidelines and instructions about the space but they also leave a good space to our creativity to find new solutions. All impact Hubs around the world share the same concept but exppress it in different amazing ways adapting to the local community, this is also the inspiring power of the network.

If you want to help us with any idea or if you know of any place that could be interesting for us please send an email to [email protected] or just contact one of our team members.

At the moment we are looking for the following spaces:

– between 800 and 1200 sqm

– easily accessible with public transportation (parking closeby is a plus)

– provided with kitchen and toilette connections (no plumbing needed)

We will keep you informed and ask you more inputs once we will have more information.