Coming soon!

We officially started our journey to open Impact Hub in Turin.

Impact Hub is an international network of beautiful physical spaces where entrepreneurs, creative professionals can access resources, be inspired by the work of others, have innovative ideas, develop useful relationships and identify market opportunities.

The path to the opening is at the beginning but among the requirements the international network has asked us to prove that there is a committed team and to document the presence of a community in the city of Turin interested in social entrepreneurship.

Our team has worked hard to prepare all the required documentation but the results of the first event of Impact Hub were a surprise even for us. On July the 3rd, 2014, we organized the event “Aperinnoviamo”, with the aim to attract and meet people interested in the topic of social entrepreneurship and social innovation. 135 persons squeezed themselves in a location that could accommodate 90 people and participated actively to the success of a very special evening.

Now we are looking forward to receiving more information from the international network to know if we have got approval to continue our adventure. We will keep you informed and hopefully this is just the beginning.

We thank again all those who have participated in “Aperinnoviamo” and for everyone involved we will have new opportunities to meet. If you want to stay in touch with us, follow us on this site or on Facebook at the following link