Our team

The team started to assemble at the end of 2013 and, as with any new initiative, some members have joined over time and others have changed their objectives by reducing or ceasing their contribution.

Our commitment is to bring forward the idea of ​​Impact Hub in Turin transmitting to each person who joins the enthusiasm and energy that from the beginning we felt in the team.

Right now the team members are:

– Alessandro Amelotti, works as a demand and portfolio manager in a major Swedish company active in renewable and traditional energy production. He has experience in external relations, communications and process development. [email protected]

– Alessandro Cappellini, held executive and post graduate courses and he brings to the team his experience in strategic planning and research. He is fascinated by the impact of business in society (and vice versa), ethics and CSR. He participated in the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002. It considers that the Impact Hub is the perfect environment to attract the best skills of Turin and unlock unexpressed potential of the city. [email protected]

– Laura Casale, she worked as strategic consultant and gained experienced in corporate finance and accounting. Her dream is to see an Impact Hub office in Turin where young professional fathers and mothers could find a perfect balance between the working activities they are involved in and the needed quality time to be dedicated to family. [email protected]

– Laura Cosa has developed since the university a deep interest for “less traditional” financial tools as an answer to big challenges in the world, such as fight against poverty. For that reason she has decided to deepen the knowledge of those instruments, through the collaboration with an international NGO, following the development of microfinance projects in developing countries and Europe, the new frontier of the sector. She believes that Impact Hub is the ideal channel where those passions could be directed and cultivated. [email protected]

– Davide Moleti, expert in the field of human resources and organizational development. His professional aspiration is to apply his experience in the corporate sector to devise innovative solutions to the main labor-related social issues. [email protected]

– Edoardo Rosa, has always been fascinated by faraway countries and cultures, a passion that led him to wander worldwide, before for its studies and later for job. He currently works in the automotive sector as a sales manager in Africa & Middle East. Edoardo believes that Impact Hub will give to Torino the opportunity to broaden its horizons and amplify the reach of the local social enterprises. [email protected]

– Paolo Russo, he is experienced in Renewble energy, Private Equity and Corporate Finance. He is passionate about social entrepreneurship and impact investments. Paolo sees impact hub as the larger network of social innovators and he is coinviced that it would represent a great opportunity for Turin, his lovely home town. [email protected]